Infinity sound


"Infinity sound technology" has

a large vent port by covering

the installed driver with a sealed housing,
sound stage like open type

and sealed sound insulation.

It is a hybrid technology compatible.
The technology used in the original speaker is

applied to the earphone.

This, is a new standard for earphones.

Acoustic Sound Chamber +

Designed exclusively for the Balanced Armature Driver, the internal chamber housing 'Acoustic Sound Chamber +' is assembled without any adhesive.
The driver is securely fixed in two inner chamber housings with resonance suppression effect and separated from the outer housing to protect the driver from external vibrations while thoroughly preventing adverse effects and unlocking its full potential.
In addition, the coaxial arrangement of AZLA tradition delivers sound more accurately and clearly to the ear.




Knowles, with over 70 years of tradition in the audio industry, delivers overwhelming, unparalleled audio performance to users.

Knowles' GQ-30783-000 dual BA driver has a full range woofer combined, it provides a warm bass and exceptional highs.
High quality network circuit using audio grade components to minimize distortion delivers clean, accurate signals.

Superior MMCX

It consists of 120 STRANDS with 4 cores of 30 high purity oxygen free copper wires.
Very low resistance and current noise are cut off to achieve high resolution and high sound quality.
Low touch noise and excellent finish.

SednaEarfit Light

In-house developed SednaEarfit Light eartips span

approximately two years in preparation for the creation of the AZLA brand.

This high quality eartip is designed by analyzing the ear canal of

788 people and adopts special high quality silicone for the material.

The sound quality deterioration due to resonance is suppressed,

especially the expression of the high range is maximized.

SednaEarfit Light provides excellent fitting, sound insulation and excellent sound.


Driver Unit

Knowles BA Driver


110 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion

94dB SPL 0.1% / 100db SPL 0.3%

Frequency Range

8Hz - 40 kHz


38 Ohms (+- 15% @1kHz)


20.5g (without cable)

Plug Type

3.5mm Unbalanced or 2.5mm balanced


In Ear

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