Advanced Research Driver

INFINITY ARD (Advanced Research Driver) is based on
Professor Shin-Ryeol Lee’s SF Driver, upgrade it for AZLA Horizon,
and designed for structure of Horizon and overall sound flow.

SF(Superior Fidelity) Driver: Developed by Professor Shin-Ryeol Lee, the next generation’s driver which removes
partial vibration at the driver, so able to play original sound

Upgraded SF driver, which is main part of INFINITY ARD, produced
 stronger diaphragm by ’46nanos 3multi-layers’ method, provides minimum partial vibration with shape of diaphragm through scientific 3D scanned analysis.

And, the special thing is, fundamentally closes phase distortion due to whole sounds are made from one diaphragm without crossover network.

Throughout scientific diaphragm analysis, there is able to minimize partial vibration, therefore it is able to play super high frequency range which is over 30kHz area, and minimized phase distortion and frequency characteristics through sole diaphragm, it was unable to reduce with common earphones structure.

Especially, add ‘Air Flow’ technology, which is system of Infinity Driver for AZLA,
minimized sound distortion and improves staging, space impression and sense of hitting.

In summary, main advantage will be able to realize natural acoustic atmosphere
and sense of hitting though bass range.

Air Vent Holes

HORIZON is, engraft Air Flow technology
which is used for AZLA-01R, improves space
impression and staging sense.
For clearer and deeper sound,
applied two holes with Air Flow technology
to the metal housing, it finishes INFINITY ARD
and provides very special hitting sense,
deep and rich bass and specialized wide staging.

Through Horizon, able to enjoy natural sound
and concrete low sound, never experienced
before with conventional earphones.

For Best Sound Quality

Horizon’s design has been started, earphone is a speaker.
For ‘space’, like as loudspeaker, AZLA researched hard and finally found the best design,and applied to the production. Material also, after numberless of trials and errors,top grade of Polycarbonate housing is chosen and combined with metal housing.

Assembly method of AZLA Horizon is patent pending method, it is completely new.
Regarding assemble different materials, applied ‘sound prefer’ method.
Minimized chemical assemble way (bonding), and best sound is provided through screw-finished way, of course whole parts are fixed well.


Horizon is, applied the best shape for the best fitting at human ears
throughout many modeling and test, after that the user able to enjoy the best sound
with the best and stable fit.

Removal MMCX is using for Horizon.
Stable and high quality MMCX from Delta Electronics in the US, provides stable quality.

For Superior Sound

AZLA is understanding that cable is extremely important.
Therefore, researched and developed the best cable through long time, applied the result to Horizon.

Urethane-coated high-quality copper wires are built with 128 strands total
(32 copper wire, Kevlar/250D*4 cores), Present accurate sound with low impedance
through various treatments.
Also, applied superior cable weaving method, which is using for high-end earphones only,and finished 4wires cable weaving for L/R, after that, able to experience the quality sound.

Finished by superior matt black, matched with unit design,
 and specially designed splitter is reducing untangle.

Throughout Listening Music

Throughout Listening Music

Supplying SEDNA eartips, developed and designed by AZLA.

SEDNA eartips is made in Korea, by high-quality silicone for special purpose, not common silicone.
Provides outstanding fit and present perfect sound from Horizon.


HORIZON earphones

HORIZON cable (3.5mm)

Normal eartips (S,M,L)

SEDNA eartips (S,M,L)




Driver Unit


Total Harmonic Distortion

Rated Input

Max Input


Frequency Range




8mm new SF ARD(Advanced Research Driver)


Less than 0.5%



27Ω ±10%

5Hz - 30kHz

24g (with cable)

3.5mm stereo


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