AZLA has two extraordinary technologies.

Improved Infinity sound technology™

01R MKII's technology is improved and advanced, compare with previous version.

The method is normal stationary speakers’ enclosure style, open two sound vents in integrated metal body which covers BED™, and use closed housing as for acoustic suspension role.

Especially top-tier grade poly carbonate as an enclosure is specially designed for sound, finally finished by various challenges for the best sound.

Unique bass and space, also designated for enjoying bright and clear sound.

Upgraded BED™(Bulls Eye Driver)

BED™ driver to 01R MKII is unique hybrid style which integrates dynamic driver and wide band B/A, Particularly tuned for perfect balancing with improved Infinity Sound Technology™ for 01R MKII.

Especially, significantly minimized reflected wave and phase difference issues from normal hybrid type earphones and multi BA system, and maximize features by linear metal body design.

Design for superior sound

Unibody cutting work design and hybrid design of poly carbonate housing is extremely difficult choice.

Integrated module driver, Infinity driver® is hybrid system made by metal, and  BED™ technology applied BA and DD, includes two huge vents.

It is a special design for overcoming tight sense of space and limitation of bass tuning, and polycarbonate housing which covers metal body is doing very efficient air flow role with two vents at the metal body. Through this layout, maximize specialty of hybrid BED™ drivers, presents bright and clear sound and unique bass.

Patented integrated hybrid BED technology, minimizing phase difference issue between BA and DD, finalized by Infinity Sound Technology™.

Advantages of metal and polycarbonate hybrid

Installed metal housing by superfine aluminum cutting process.

For better sound quality and realize hi-fi sound, apply unibody design from one solid material, there is no joint and protrusion, and surprisingly assembly is done by just two components. Due to metal is fully covered the driver, united by one module until end of nozzle. 

For maximizing features of the sound, special poly carbonate housing is chosen.

Stable sound ventilation and finished to cover metal housing for better musical pleasure.

Special poly carbonate housing is not only for the sound features, but also present elegant outline.

Damper is the point of edge.

At 01R MKII, metal damper is set at the end of nozzle. This small part is very important for better sound, it controls sound balance and protect from dust and other things.


Premium bundle cable

01R MKII's bundle cable is selected premium cable.

Provides best sound quality and clear voice, also present good fit and tightness, hard to untangle.

Sedna Earfit Eartips

01R MKII provides Sedna Earfit™ eartips, use top quality silicon and designated for best sound quality.

What's in the box


Driver Unit
Total Harmonic Distortion
Rated Input
Max Input
Frequency Range

11mm BED™
104dB±3dB at 1kHz, 1mW(0.155V)
Less than 1% Max @ 1kHz, 1mW
4mW (0.31V)
100mW (1.55V)
24Ω ±15%
5Hz - 40kHz
25g (with cable)
3.5mm stereo

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